Monday, January 30, 2012

Another GOP Candidate in CD 3

There's another Republican who wants to challenge incumbent Congressman Ben Ray Lujan.
Jefferson L. Byrd

Jefferson Byrd, a Quay County rancher and engineer, announced today that he'll seek the GOP nomination.

In an email, Byrd wrote:

“After much prayer and counsel with my wife Suzanne, and with growing grassroots support across the district, I believe that my strong conservative background is best to take on Ben Ray Lujan’s socialist policies. In order to effectively compete for this seat, we need a true conservative who is from the district and has actually lived through the tough times that the Obama/Lujan agenda has created.”

Rick Newton of Taos announced late last year that he's seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in this district. Both Byrd and Newton are political newcomers.

The Third District is considered a safe Democratic district. Not only is there a near 2-to-1 voter registration advantage for Dems, in recent elections the national GOP has basically ignored the Republican nominee in CD 3.

Lujan also has Democratic primary opposition. Former Santa Fe County Commissioner Harry Montoya recently announced he'll run against Lujan. Artist Sean Closson also is running as a Democrat.

UPDATE: 5:52 pm The original version of this gave an incorrect name for Harry Montoya (who I've know for years.) Sorry Harry, and thanks to Chris for pointing it out.


  1. Did he leave out any Republican code words? He forgot to mention the dangers of eating unAmerican food or, perish the thought, being vegetarians.

  2. eideard, troll much? You must not have much of a life if you sit behind your computer showing off your self-perceived "intelectual superiority" all day long

  3. Yes, he left out "Environmental Extremist".

    Better to spend the day in front of the computer than a sports channel, a slot machine, or Fox News!

  4. Although Montoya has shown that he is a political puppet, and would likley continue to be one if he beats Lujan, he would still be a better representative then Lujan. Lujan's only qualifications for the position is a phony college degree and his father, who, thankfully, will no longer be in office beginning next year, or possibly sooner if he steps down as he should.