Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Legislature is Coming to Town

Yes, it's that time of year again.
Remember this from last year?

I contributed to The New Mexican's big pre-session package published today.

My story on the political tensions facing the Legislature itself is HERE

My colleague Trip Jennings focused on the role of Gov. Susana Martinez in the upcoming session. That's HERE

A quick list of the major issues facing the Legislature can be found HERE

I also wrote a wise-guy list of things legislators say and what they really mean. (If you are a legislator and you read this, remember, it's not you I'm talking about. It's those other guys. Read it HERE

This year the New Mexican will have a live blog on its website each Wednesday (noon to 12:30 pm) during the upcoming Legislative session. It's going to be called "Legislative Lunch." Granted, lunch during the Legislature usually involves slurping a Frito pie in the House or Senate gallery or over my computer keyboard in the office. We'll see if I can blog and eat at the same time. Pleas join us. Watch The New Mexican web site for further details