Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Official Now -- Trujillo is Running

Last month Carl Trujillo's campaign manager Faith McKenna told me that Trujillo would once again run for House Speaker Ben Lujan's seat and would make an official announcement in January.

She was telling the truth.

From Trujillo's announcement:

“Today, I’m officially announcing my 2012 candidacy for New Mexico State Representative District 46. As many of you know, we came within just a handful of votes of victory in 2010 when we first launched our campaign to stand up against the entrenched and outdated Party Machine that has ruled New Mexico for far too long.

"Growing up in this community, as a son, a husband and a father, I see the damage that entrenched career politicians have done to our community for too many years. Every corrupt deal that goes down and lines the pockets of party politicians and their cronies steals opportunities from our kids and our community. We need to vote out the entrenched, corporate-funded party politicians, and elect real people who will put the interests of our community first."

Lujan has not said whether he'll seek re-election.