Monday, January 9, 2012

GWAR: What is it Good For?

Mr. Urungus
I normally don't blog about every political endorsement that comes across my computer screen, but I can't ignore this one.

Longshot Democratic Congressional hopeful Sean Closson, who is challenging incumbent Ben Ray Lujan in the Democratic primary has been endorsed by one Oderus Urungus, singer for the infamous costume-metal band GWAR.

 "He's not bad, for a human...I think a GWAR fan in congress is only fair. I mean, most congressmen like ABBA or some shit," a Monday news release from Closson said. "... we need more metal in government and Sean Closson is just the guy for the job! Plus he paid me to say this."

Urungus, whose real name is Dave Brockie, is a semi-regular "Intergalactic Correspondent" for a Fox News show called Red Eye.

 My big question: Does this mean Ben Ray will have to scramble for the Marilyn Manson endorsement?

Here's a Fox segment with Urungus: