Friday, January 20, 2012

Harry Montoya Challenges Ben Ray

Former County Commissioner Harry Montoya, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress the year Ben Ray Lujan got elected, is once again challenging Lujan for the CD3 seat.

In an email statement Montoya said:

I believe that being a Democrat means standing up for working people, for families, for children, and for the environment. I will stand up for these ideals even when standing up is hard, or inconvenient or painful, because doing the right thing is what matters most of all. For too long, the corruption of the machine politics has been getting in the way of solving important problems in New Mexico.

Montoya joins artist and political newcomer Sean Closson in challenging Lujan in the Democratic primary. Republican Rick Newton also is running.

Montoya came in third in a crowded 2008 Congressional primary that Lujan won. Montoya also ran unsuccessfully for state Land Commissioner in 2010, losing to Ray Powell, who went on to win the general election.

He served two terms in the County Commission from 2003 through the end of 2008.