Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big $$ in Senate Races

I finally ploughed through the most recent campaign finance reports of New Mexico's U.S Senate candidates. You can find that story HERE.

Some have questioned where the generically-named Good Government Fund, the major contributor to Republican Heather Wilson, came from. It's a a joint fundraising committee associated with Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's political-action committee, which raised money for Wilson and other Republican candidates.

The Wilson campaign provided me with a copy of the GGF's most recent report. I've posted it below.

My story points out that Democrat Martin Heinrich got a contribution from Gerald Cassidy, who was the focus of a book called So Damn Much Money, The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government by Robert G. Kaiser. There's an interesting reading from that book by the author, which originally was broadcast on NPR. You can find that HERE.

UPDATE 12: 49 pm I originally reported that state Rep. Zach Cook had contributed to Democrat Hector Balderas' campaign. The online version of The New Mexican story has been changed (as has this blog) to reflect the $300 contribution actually came from Angie Schneider-Cook, the representative's wife. She just told me she went to law school with Balderas.

Here's that "Good Government" report:

Good Government Fund 3rd Quarter 2011 Report 101311