Friday, October 14, 2011

Johnson Raises $236K

In his longshot bid for the presidency, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson reported raising more than $236,000 during the past three months.

However, according to his campaign finance report filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission, the former governor reported that he has less than $11,000 cash on hand.

But that’s just a fraction of what other Republican contenders have in the bank. Politico on Friday reported that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is reporting $14.7 million cash on hand, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry has about $15 million in his warchest.

Johnson’s campaign reports debts of more than $240,000.

Among Johnson’s contributors are names familiar in New Mexico Republican politics. Former state GOP chairman Harvey Yates contributed $2,500. Ray Westall, an oilman from Loco Hills who was appointed to the state Game Commission by Johnson gave $2,500, as did his wife Karen Westall. Johnson’s former press secretary Diane Kinderwater contributed $2,000.

UPDATE: 8:02 pm A previous version of this referred to "former" Texas Gov. Perry. I didn't mean to fire him! (Thanks to loyal reader Mark for catching that.)