Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday to ya. Ready to start the work week.

In case you missed my story in yesterday's New Mexican about the money race in the Public Regulation Commission race, you can find that HERE. Actually there's not much of a race. All but one of the small army of Democratic candidates say they will or probably will use public financing, which means, assuming they qualify, they each will be receiving checks for $39,000 and change.

The only one who has said he won't use public financing is Danny Maki, who apparently is using his dad Butch Maki's contacts to build a good-size campaign war chest. And because of a U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down part of Arizona's public financing law, if Maki (or any other candidate not using public financing) gets contributions beyond that $39,000, chances are the other candidates won't be getting marching funds from the state.

However, the fact that some Washington, D.C. telecommunications lobbyists among Maki's biggest contributors could become a sore point in the campaign, as the PRC is responsible for regulating the telecommunications industry.

Meanwhile let's start off this week with a little music. Here's Republican front-runner Herman Cain. He's said that if he's elected he'd like to jazz up the stodgy old "Hail to the Chief." I'm certainly against that. Unless he replaces it with this:

(Thanks to The Daily Beast)