Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casino/ATM Bill passes

It was a closer vote than I expected, but the Senate approved Sen. Richard Martinez's bill (SB330) to allow racetrack casinos to have automatic teller machines on the gaming floor. The vote was 20-16.

The bill goes on to the House.

One reason gambling issues fascinate me is because both supporters and opponents cut across party lines.

The vote was a "show of hands," so I just got the names of those voting against the bill. Opponents included Republican Sens. Rod Adair, Sue Wilson-Beffort, Mark Boitano and Bill Payne.

Democrats opposed were Sens. Peter Wirth, John Arthur Smith, Tim Eichenberg, Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Howie Morales, Steve Fischmann, Linda Lopez, Bernadette Sanchez, Linda Lovejoy, Eric Griego, Dede Feldman and John Sapien.