Monday, March 30, 2009

Means on Kilmer

I'm off work this week, but I just had to post this.

I got a lot of response to the story about the poll that asked pointed questions about Val Kilmer.

But the most interesting email I got was from another actor (well, that's just a part of his resume) who ran for governor here. That's American Indian Movement activist Russell Means, who in 2002 unsuccessfully sought to get on the gubernatorial ballot representing a third party called the Independent Coalition Party.

Here's what Means had to say about Kilmer:


I would appreciate it if you would print my statement in response to "Poll probes gubenatorial contenders' policies, past.

Having been in the news for over 40 years, let me quote the late great Civil Rights Attorney, William Kunstler who represented me during my Wounded Knee 1973 trials, "When you are in a struggle, any news is good news".

This is good for the Kilmer Gubernatorial camp if there is one. Because if you are a threat, they come after you. I know I have been there. I for one am mis-quoted often. Remember the media doesn't tell the news they "sell" the news!

I know the man and he's got my vote....Go Kilmer!

Russell Means
American Indian Activist, Actor, Author, Artist

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  1. Hi Steve! I'm hoping you'll post my "letter to the editor" re:Val Kilmer, which has not yet made it to the SFNM. As follows:

    " I was 23 when the grenade exploded in my face and left me totally blind, while serving in the US Army in Vietnam. Now, everyone is “black” to me; having sight erased has actually made me able to “see” much clearer. I am not as affected by quotes or misquotes in sizing up my feelings regarding an individual or a situation.
    I belong to many minorities, being a 100% disabled Native American veteran. Over the years, I have been misquoted, and taken out of context many times and have learned to let these roll off my back.
    I have been a good friend of Val Kilmer for 25 years. I see his soul. He is a naturalist, and an intelligent, caring human being and I see no possibility for malevolence in any of his words. Try to look past the black and white and realize the abilities of this man."
    Michael A. Naranjo, sculptor

    Thanks! And thanks for keeping us informed