Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turn Back the Clock

Yesterday on the floor of the Senate, Democratic Whip Mary Jane Garcia, D-Dona Ana, complained about Daylight Savings Time. She said the number of divorces and heart attacks rise in the days immediately following the first day of daylight savings each year.

That prompted The New Mexican's Quote of the Day from Sen. Kent Cravens, R-Albuquerque: “If you can outlaw divorce and heart attacks, you’ve got my vote.”

Maybe that's what Garcia is trying with SB716.

From her press release only minutes ago:

"Daylight savings time is a health hazard", stated Senator Garcia today.

"It causes us to suffer from sleep disruption and deprivation that is essentially jet lag. You have drivers on the road who are half asleep on their way to work in the morning. Daylight savings can also cause major computer glitches, as we saw this weekend in New Mexico when dozens of people’s unemployment claims were impacted. Should we allow an outdated concept that was started in response to the climate and politics of World War One England to continue to dictate how we do things in present day New Mexico? I am carrying this bill as a "wake up call": people need to be aware of the origins of daylight savings and how irrelevant it is to us in New Mexico."

Senator Garcia’s initiative is Senate Public Affairs Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 716: a "public peace, health, safety and welfare" measure commonly known as a "dummy bill". SPAC has indicated that it will hear the bill this Thursday, March 12.


  1. I have been privately railing against savings time for decades because it saves nothing. I support Sen Garcia's effort. May it become national!

  2. I tend to agree. Especially when my child was young, VERY difficult to adjust twice a year. Parents of school children everywhere thank you, Senator García! We need to research why DST was implemented in the first place and to what extent it has been helpful. If the goal was presenting the public ONE MORE THING to throw us off-balance for several days/weeks, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  3. FYI, Arizona doesn't play the DST game.

  4. DST is such a bogus notion, thank you Mary, may your efforts be rewarded positively.

  5. Where is the imperical data on the health hazards of dst.
    There are numerous ways we can better NM than taking away from their importance by focusing on Daylight Saving Time.
    This a frivilous waste of taxpayers money.
    Keep it up Democrats.

  6. Links to all the studies concerning the health hazards of DST can be found here: