Friday, March 6, 2009

Sorry ... not much blogging today

I had to go down to Albuquerque this morning and had to hustle to get my story in for Saturday's paper. (It'll be worth reading, I promise.)

Looks like the webcasting vote was postponed. Just didn't have the time, thought there was plenty of time to yack about the big Senate/House basketball game, which is taking place as I type this. Maybe Saturday?

I got in in time to hear Senate President Pro-tem defend his letter asking for leniency for former Sen. Manny Aragon, who awaits sentencing for his fraud conviction. Jennings made it clear he did not send the letter on official state letterhead, though he did sign his name as "Sen. Tim Jennings." Aragon's deeds were a betrayal of the public trust, Jennings said, but he did some good things too.

Sen. Mary Jane Garcia joined in. She talked how emotional Aragon got years ago when a bill he supported to help children with cancer was vetoed.

"It takes a big man to shed real tears," she said of Aragon.


Sen. Majority Leader Michael Sanchez dropped by the news room for one of his informal chats.

He said he has no problems with the weird sunset clause on the latest version of the campaign-contribution limits bill -- the law wouldn't go into effect until after the 2010 governor's race, then would expire right after the 2012 election. But, Sanchez said, he wouldn't try to stop anyone from amending the bill to get rid of that clause.

Sanchez said he doesn't think any ethics commission bill will pass this year. He said he has concerns about who would have authority over the ethics commission. Sanchez used the example of the state Organized Crime Commission back in the '80s. I'm not sure who he was talking about, but he said some decent public servants were smeared by that commission. Any old timers (older-timers than me!) out there who can fill me in, please use the comment feature here.

Sanchez also said he expects HB285, the death penalty repeal, to successfully clear the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill is scheduled to be heard by Judiciary on Monday.


Finally, please tune into Eye on New Mexico 10 am Sunday on Channel Four. I had a good discussion with Dennis and Nicole. I think the link to the video will be HERE. I'll correct it if that's wrong.