Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Worth a Darn

Here's a recording made by Kate Nash of the confrontation between House Speaker Ben Lujan and Senate Finance Chairman John Arthur Smith.

Kate has some context:

The committee took up an amendment put on the bill, which deals with financing of charter schools among other projects. The amendment, put on by House Speaker Ben Lujan, raised the eyebrows of Smith, who questioned whether it was allowable. The committee took out that amendment.
Smith is talking first. Lujan comes up and tells him he's "full of shit," a "racist SOB" and "not worth a darn."

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1 comment:

  1. Steve, I've been wondering for some time what it will take to rid politics of the petty egocentric character disorder that has characterized it since forever. Obama seems to be hankering for the same thing; desire for political reform from the foundation up was one of the reasons why many of us voted for him.

    With so much at stake now, we cannot afford to be dragged down (instead of led) by the single-issue whack jobs, liars and cheats, thieves and psychopaths who gravitate to politics the way passive-aggressive tyrants gravitate to jobs in the building permit offices. I'm talking about those little project assassins who use red tags as racial pot shots, who NEVER return phone calls, and hide behind a sullen, careless bureaucracy that brings to mind that old AT&T slogan: "We don't care; we don't have to!" The small scale of Santa Fe politics is but a microcosm of politics per se; the same pathetic ego games are played out in Santa Fe and Tibet, New York and New Zealand. The ones who like it that way call it "human nature." I think it's a character issue.

    When Obama came to life at the 2004 DNC, I thought I saw something so new and different it was almost invisible, like the proverbial ships in the bay that literally cannot be seen by tribes that have never witnessed something like a sailing ship. A lot of other people saw in him a long-awaited deliverance from petty smallness, the least common denominator in "human nature." A lot of Democrats rode back into office on his pioneering glow. Now, inexplicably, they have found their backbone (non-existent during the 8 years of Bush) and have decided to oppose Obama's budget and healthcare initiatives, education plan, whatever. DEMOCRATS!!! This display of egocentric retro-involution (McCaskill is especially disappointing) is so disgusting that I am driven to ask, once and for all, what will it take to elicit some adult consciousness in Washington? Our first chance in 30 years to do some really fantastic work, and these ego-owned idiots cannot resist this cheap attempt to steal the spoitlight and make themselves "special" at the expense of the nation. Puh-leeeeeeeeze.

    Obama has to give his own Congressional party members adult remedial training in the middle of saving the world. It's not right. It's not fair. We were so close.

    Couldn't we come up with a test that everyone who wants to become a politician or building permit department employee must pass before they're allowed to affect the rest of us? Maybe they need to write an essay on why they want to become a (whatever) and then we hook them up to a lie detector while they read their own words aloud. If they pass that, then they can sit for a psychological evaluation. If they pass that, they can be dropped off on the top of Mt. Shasta without anything but a pocket knife and a water bottle, and if they make it on foot to Albuquerque, they'll be allowed an interview for Santa Fe building permit clerk.

    If you think that's a bit harsh, you should try dealing with the Santa Fe building permit office.

    Anyway, have you given this question any thought? If so, would love to know yours.