Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun With School District Audits

A $110 lunch at the Rio Chama paid for out of federal funds earmarked for low-income kids?

$11,000 for iPods?

Hotel rooms at the Eldorado?

$91,000 for a tow truck?

SUVs purchased from an out-of-state dealer?

Electronic "Smartboards" for pre-schoolers?

These are just a few of the bombshells in audit reports for five medium-sized school districts in the state discussed by the Legislative Finance Committee Thursday.

The LFC didn't exactly choose the cream of the crop of school districts. Of the five, one has already had its finances taken over by the state, one had a superintendent who was suspended while the audut was going on (and later resigned) and one had a transportation director who was indicted a few months ago on charges including embezzlement, paying or receiving public money for services not rendered, and making or permitting false public vouchers.

One thing for certain, you'll be hearing a lot more about this during the session in January.

Read my story HERE and check out Gadi Schwartz's report on Channel 4 below.