Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sen. Cravens Joins GOP Lt. Gov. Race

State Sen. Kent Cravens of Albuquerque just announced he'll be joining the race for lieutenant governor in the Republican primary.

He joins former state Rep. Brian Moore of Clayton and Santa Fe doctor J.R. Damrom in that race.

Cravens has been in the Senate since 2001. He's known as a social conservative as well as a champion of tougher laws for DWI offenders. (He's the brother of Paul Cravens whose wife and three stepdaughters were killed by a drunk driver in a Christmas Eve accident in 1992.)

Sen. Cravens and his wife own an Alphagraphics franchise in Albuquerque.

Democrats running for lieutenant governor include former state Dem Chairman Brian Colon, Sheriff Greg Solano, Mid-Region Council of Governments director Lawrence Rael, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Rep. Joe Campos and Sen. Linda Lopez.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention another Republican lieutenant governor candidate -- Albuquerque nurse Bea Sheridan.