Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin Coming to Roswell

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is scheduled for a stop in Roswell, N.M., giving opening for untold numbers of alien jokes to Democrats.

It's part of her Going Rogue book tour. She'll be signing books at the Roswell Hastings 7 pm Dec. 1.

My story in the paper is HERE.

As recent polls have shown, Palin has a devoted following among socially conservative Republicans, she's controversial even within the GOP.

Republican gubernatorial hopefuls don't seem to be clawing each other for the chance of a photo op with Palin in Roswell.

Spokesmen for two Republican gubernatorial contneders -- Doug Turner and Susana Martinez --told me that their candidate would not be at the book-signing in Roswell. Both spokesmen said their candidate wouldn't be seeking Palin's endorsement in the primary.

Janice Arnold-Jones' spokesman said she was campaigning in Grant County and couldn't be reached. Allen Weh's spokesman said several hours ago he'd get back to me but as of 10:27 p.m., he hasn't.

Maybe that says something too.