Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Workers to PRC: Can the Flunkies

I spent a good part of the afternoon over at the Public Regulation Commission going through the recent employee surveys on ethics, which were released today though a few of them were redacted.

The PRC got an earful. The most frequent complaint was about hiring practice -- that, in the words of one employee, "political flunkies" are hired for jobs for which they aren't qualified.

Some said fear of retribution kept most employees from reporting ethical violations. “This place is never confidential,” wrote one employee. “Too many management ‘Big Mouths’ in a political cesspool.”

Another worker turned to the bard. “Just what Shakespeare said. ‘Reputation, reputation, reputation. O, I have lost my reputation. I have lost the immortal part of myself and what remains is degrading.’ ”

Actually in Othello, the final word in that quote was “bestial,” not "degrading." But I think the meaning is clear.

Here's our story in Wednesday's paper. CLICK HERE

UPDATE: Hey, you can see my pretty face, hard at work looking at the PRC ethics surveys, about halfway through through this clip from Channel 4. (Gee, thanks, Gaddi ....)