Monday, November 2, 2009

Taxes Increases Inevitable, Richardson Says

I just got back from a press conference with Gov. Bill Richardson. Although he's campaigned both for president and for re-election as governor as a tax-cutting Democrat, Richardson told reporters today that tax increases are "inevitable" during the next legislative session because of the budget crisis.

"It's very painful," he said. Richardson declined to say which taxes he wants to boost. He said he'll soon be appointing a committee to study the best ways to raise revenue.

On another topic, I asked Richardson if he planned to follow Lt. Gov. Diane Denish's example and give his political contributions from indicted CDR found David Rubin to charity.

His answer proves he's still got a sense of humor. "I'll have to review that," he said. "Did I get donations from them?"

For the record, the $110,000 CDR gave to Richardson's political committees led to a federal investigation and cost him a job in the Obama cabinet. The investigation ended with the Justice Department deciding not to indict anyone.