Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another SOS SNAFU?

The Santa Fe County Bureau of Elections this week received an envelope from the Secretary of State of 104 filled out voter cards from the summer of 2008 that never were processed.

County elections chief Denise Lamb said last night that while many of the people who filled out these forms did manage to get registered by the 2008 general election. But at least 20 of those never showed up on voter rolls. Thus, if they tried to vote, they were denied -- or given a provision ballot that eventually was thrown out because the person wasn't on voter rolls.

That number is likely to rise because Lamb, as of last night, wasn't even halfway through the pile.

SOS spokesman James Flores said he believes most of the forms were duplicates or defective and says they shouldn't have been mailed. Other county clerks received similar packages of 2008 voter cards this week.

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