Monday, April 12, 2010

Richardson Raises $11,800 for Governor Campaign

True, he's not running, but Gov. Bill Richardson just filed a campaign finance report.
Of the $11,800, $11,565 was from the Democratic Governor's Association for renting one of Richardson's lists. The rest was all interest from various bank accounts -- except one $50 from Myriam DePelichy, an Illinois resident.

The committee spent more than $64,000. Among the expenditures were political contributions to Santa Fe Mayor David Coss ($1,000), U.S. Sen. Harry Reid ($1,000), and the state Democratic Party ($5,000). He also paid Virginia pollster Stephen Clermont $6,4000 in October.

The Richardson campaign still has more than $63,000 in the bank.

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  1. To Steve Terrell,

    My investment has always been and will always be in my home state, NM. No single mom who had a choice in where she was able to live would under any circumstances live in Illinois. However, tyrannical child custody laws and their impossible intertwining with mandatory state schooling according to court designated districts in Illinois makes it impossible to leave this state and raise my children where they are supposed to be raised, New Mexico, my home state and the place where they would also prefer to live. We can't get to NM because of tyrannical laws which continue to wreck and ruin my family, but this doesn't mean I don't keep track of what is happening in NM, the only state whose politics I actually care about.

    I have always supported and continue to support Bill Richardson as a Governor, and I supported his candidacy for President--because of what he did for NM. His leadership is tried and true. Few Governors have achieved so much growth in their state during the time while they were in office. Richardson's Governorship brought 80,000 jobs into NM, many of which were high tech, as well as the Railrunner Train which allows low income people to get to jobs, medical care and other services they need that would otherwise be unavailable. The NM Spaceport might not have been built without his cooperation and leadership, and NM, which used to be the state that was missing from the U.S. map, has been put on the map by the large number of film ventures that have been brought into the state--with the publicity created by this indirect marketing also serving to bring more prosperity into the state.

    I am surprised to see I made a contribution so recently, but realize now that it's because during his presidential campaign, I put myself on an auto-recurring payment so as to be able to afford the contribution I wanted to make, which on my little income, I could not otherwise afford. Apparently I never took myself off of that list, an oversight, though no big deal, I am happy to support the cause of his having run for President, as even though he didn't win the race, he added substance and meaning to the issues that were discussed. Ross Perot didn't win the year he ran either, but he changed the direction of some of the discussions, which made his presence in the race worthwhile. I feel Bill Richardson did the same thing.

    Running for President doesn't happen without funding, and Gov. Richardson, along with the other candidates who ran and lost the presidential race, must certainly have campaign debt to pay off, even many months later. -Myriam dePelichy