Friday, April 16, 2010

SF Tea Party

Santa Fe Tea Party Apparently April 15 is destined to be a national day of protest over taxes -- at least until the day they abolish the IRS, and you know what Buddy Holly would say about that.

Maybe it's just because it's Santa Fe and so many people know each other, but I really don't sense the intense anger here that I've read about and seen on TV coverage of the Tea Party elsewhere. Yes there's serious disagreement with the Obama administration and other Democrats in power. And yes, there's lots of passion expressed.

But hateful? I didn't hear it. Racist? I didn't see it.

Nobody spit on or cursed state Rep. Brian Egolf -- a Santa Fe Democrat -- as he walked through the crowd. Nobody screamed at him when they were discussing his position on Voter ID bills. The worst thing said there was "you're so full of bluster!" by a woman who stalked off toward the end of that conversation.

Rep. Brian Egolf meets his Republian opponent Brigette RussellTo the right is a photo of Egolf meeting for the first time Brigitte Russell, his Republican opponent in November.

At the risk of sounding too namby-pamby in these divisive times, I actually think it's healthy in these divisive times for people to go down to the Plaza on a sunny day and talk about politics, protest things you don't like. I also think it's healthy for politicians to hear directly from folks who disagree with them and have good, civil exchanges of ideas.

(Gotta run now. Time to feed the unicorns.)

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