Monday, April 12, 2010

Campaign Finance Reports Trickling In

Actually, "trickling" might be an exaggeration. The waters seem pretty stagnant.

At this writing, no gubernatorial candidates have reports up on the new Secretary of State site -- though Democrat Diane Denish issued a press release saying she raised more than a million dollars between October and April.

The same two lieutenant governor reports are still there, with no new ones appearing.

Secretary of State Mary Herrera told reporters this morning that many candidates will wait until the last moment to submit.

There also was this troubling prediction (from an SOS news release):

... the first reporting period takes into account a grace period for the ethics administration to ensure all reports submitted are properly incorporated and may “take a few extra days” to have all data compiled for public view, for this report date, said Bureau of Election Director Don Francisco Trujillo II. And some “glitches” are expected in the first period.

I'll update when things start to move.
Diane Denish Online Town Hall
As for Denish, according to her news release she raised $1,114,142 in this reporting period and spent $715,538.69, leaving her with $2,598,632 cash on hand.

Team Denish pointed out that she did not raise money during the 30-day legislative session or the following 20-day bill-signing period.

I haven't seen the actual report yet, so I can't yet report who the major contributors.

Denish voluntarily reported on her fund-raising in mid January . At that time she reported raising about $750,000 in the previous three months. Those numbers are included in the current report.