Monday, April 12, 2010

More Campaign Finance Reports

I revamped this entire post so it's not such a patch work

Democratic Governor Candidate

* Lt. Gov. Denish raised $1,114,142 in this reporting period and spent $715,538.69, leaving her with $2,598,632 cash on hand. I'll have a list of her largest contributors in tomorrow's paper.

Republican Governor Candidates

* Susana Martinez's report is up. She's raised $428,064 and spent $194,809, leaving a balance of $363,913.

* The Allen Weh campaign emailed a news release saying Weh had raised $1.29 million. According to his campaign, this is a total for the race --not just this reporting period-- and includes monetary contributions, loans, and, and inkinds. The Associated Press did the math. This period Weh raised $691,000, $500,000 of that from a personal loan. Weh’s campaign has about $544,000 in the bank. (This section was updated at about 6 p.m.)

* Pete Domenici, Jr.'s report just popped up on the SOS site. He reported raising $372,107, of which $70,000 was a loan from himself. Domenici spent $$242,409, leaving a balance of $129,698.

* Nothing yet from Janice Arnold-Jones or Doug Turner, though I ran into Turner, who said he raised about $200,000 in cash and $55,000 in in-kind donations.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Former state party chairman Brian Colon reported raising $156,489. He reported spending $201,651, which leaves him $205,886. His biggest contributors were his Albuquerque law firm Robles, Rael & Anaya, which gave him $11,879, and L&F Distributors of McAllen, Texas, which contributed $10,000.

Lawrence Rael's report is in. He $162,175, of which $105,000 are personal loans. Rael spent $162, 175, leaving $126,195 in cash on hand.

Nothing yet from Joe Campos, Jerry Ortiz y Pino or Linda Lopez

Republican Lieutenant Governor Candidates

* John Sanchez's report is in. He seems to be running a self-financed campaign. Sanchez reported raising $279,300. But $273,800 is from a series of personal loans. In addition to the loans, $2,500 of the $5,500 in monetary contributions was from Sanchez himself. And his Albuquerque roofing company gave an in-kind contribution of $6,735. Sanchez spent $23,018 leaving a balance of $256,281.

* Brian Moore's report has yet to show up on the Web site, but Moore e-mailed a spreadsheet to reporters. He raised $139,840, $100,000 of which was a personal loan to himself. Moore spent $14,231, leaving his treasury $129, 535.

* Kent Cravens has raised $57,990 and spent $34,583.

* J.R. Damron, a Santa Fe doctor who has dropped out of the race raised $24,975 and spent $24,451 -- some of which was in the form of partial campaign contributions.

Late Monday afternoon the Secretary of State's Office released this statement:

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office will extend today’s 5:00 PM deadline for candidates to file their reports. The agency will be working prolonged hours today and this evening in an effort to respond to all requests from candidates for assistance with the new campaign finance reporting system.