Thursday, April 29, 2010

Johnson Would Have Vetoed the Arizona Immigration Bill

This won't win much applause at the next Tea Party former Gov. Gary Johnson speaks at.
Former Gov. Gary Johnson
“I vetoed over 750 bills as governor of New Mexico, and I would absolutely have vetoed this bill if it came across my desk,” Johnson said in a press release today about the the controversial Arizona immigration law .

"I understand the frustration in Arizona. I experienced the same type of concerns in New Mexico when I was governor, but racial profiling is not the answer," he said.

Johnson said border problems are caused by "strict drug prohibition laws that provide increased leverage and power to Mexican drug cartels."

Said Johnson, "In addition to citizens being stripped of their rights and subjected to unfair searches, this law is ultimately unfair to law enforcement, who will be left to implement a law that although well intended, is misguided in its attempt to reduce border crime, and is bound to have undesirable consequences.”