Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Dem Poll Shows Gains for Denish

Get out your salt shakers. There's another partisan poll for the governor's race. This one, conducted by a Democratic group called Third Eye Strategies for the Vote New Mexico PAC, shows the race at a tie with Democrat Diane Denish and Republican Susana Martinez each at 46 percent.

Last week you needed your grains of salt for a Republican poll showing Martinez winning by 10 percentage points and the Democratic poll showing Denish behind only by 5 points. The poll was conducted of New Mexicans who voted in 2008 or registered since then and who say they will likely vote in the general election in November. However it doesn't say how many were polled. The polling memo says the margin of error is 4.4 percent.

The poll was conducted early last week, Sept. 21-23.

According to the memo:

Among likely voters, each candidate receives 46% of the vote with the remaining 7% undecided. Denish receives 84% of registered Democrats and 61% of Hispanics. While Martinez captures nearly all of Republicans (91%), she garners support from just 11% of registered Democrats and 30% of Hispanics. DTS voters are split – 35% for Denish, 36% for Martinez – with 29% undecided.
UPDATE: The Denish campaign just told me the poll sample was 500.