Thursday, September 30, 2010

Search Still On for Missing Baloonists

Here's a photo of former Gov. Gary Johnson with his old ballooning partner Richard Abruzzo somewhere above the Earth. Sue Winchester of Johnson's Our America Initiative, who provided the photo wasn't sure exactly where or when it was taken, but said it probably was from the 2001 America's Challenge competition.

Abruzzo and partner and Carol Rymer Davis are the subject of a search in the Adriatic Sea. Their balloon disappeared yesterday. Sandra Martinez's story is HERE. The BBC is reporting that lightning might have struck their balloon.

Johnson as copiloted with Abruzzo four times, including once in the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race. Johnson and Abruzzo are scheduled to participate for the fifth time together Oct. 5 in Albuquerque's America's Challenge.

The search for Abruzzo and Davis continues.