Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tired of Polls Yet?

I got too busy to blog the past couple of days, so this is kind of old news. But the Daily Kos commissioned  a poll of New Mexico by the PPP firm that shows Susana Martinez eight points ahead of Diane Denish. What's more, it shows Martinez at 50 percent, which many believe is a magic number in polling.

The Daily Kos is a liberal blog. PPP is a Democratic polling firm, so it's hard to dismiss this as right-wing propaganda. The poll was conducted Sept. 25 to 26 and has a 2.7 percent margin of error. 1307 "likely voters" were surveyed.

Says Joan McCarter of Kos:
Denish seems to be being dragged down by the administration she's served as lieutenant governor. The most unpopular Democratic politician in the state is Gov. Bill Richardson, whose approval rating has cratered to 27 percent. What really hurts her is the loss of 20 percent of Dems. She cedes three percent of women, and leads with Hispanics by just 4 points. The only demographic she has solid lead with are young voters, where she nets 53 percent, but unfortunately that's the group that will be least likely to vote.

The 27 percent approval for Richardson is the lowest I've seen for him. That's getting down to Dick Cheney levels.

Other politicians rated include U.S. Sens. Jeff Bingaman (50 percent approval, 34 disapproval ) and Tom Udall (48-36), President Obama (43-52), Martinez (48-41) and Denish (42-45).