Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Susana's Campaign Finance Report

The Susana Martinez campaign was able to file its latest campaign finance report this morning. You can see it below.

As was previously reported, she raised more than $2 million since late June, compared with just under $796,000 for Democrat Diane Denish in the same period.

The $500,000 from the Republican Governors Association shows up here, in the form of two $250,000 contributions -- one in late July, one in early September. The RGA also is listed for more than $11,000 in "in-kind" donations. I suspect that means they're doing an ad for Martinez.

Other major contributors to Martinez this period include $200,000 from Foster Friess, an "investor" from Jackson, Wyoming and $100,000 from a B. Hughes, who is listed as an "executive" from Malibu.

Devon Energy, an Oklahoma City-based company gave her $50,000. Sigma Ventures Inc. of Houston gave her $40,000, Myco Industries, an Artesia oil company contributed $30,000 and LDL, BC, Ltd., a Las Cruces contractor donated $25,000.

Bode Aviation of Albuquerque and its executive John Bode are listed for “in-kind” donations totaling more than $31,000. Lincoln Strategies, a Republican consultant group that is working for Martinez gave in-kind services of $35,000, the report says.

Here's the report. Like I always say, probably needlessly, look at it in full-screen mode.

Susana Martinez Finance Report Sept. 2010