Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get Your Grube On!

Former State Sen. John Grubesic The Flabby King is gone but the "Outlaw Senator" is back! Former state Sen. John Grubesic is back. He's writing a weekly guest column for Capitol Report New Mexico.

His first outing is classic Grubesic. He discusses why he didn't do what many lawmakers do when they leave office -- become a lobbyist.

"Often, political retirement packages are funded by returning as a lobbyist. I faced two significant obstacles in launching a successful lobbying career.

"The first was my turbulent relationship with the sitting governor and the second was the idea of returning to curry the favor of people I had served with turned my stomach, caused me to have nightmares and started me drinking again. No, I did the drinking without needing a reason, but I did have a recurring nightmare that involved Tim Keller, Cisco McSorley, Dede Feldman, a broken calculator and an angry baboon that looked and sounded a lot like John (Wertheim)."
Pure gonzo. That's our Grube!

Grubesic is a Democrat who represented a Santa Fe district and now works in Albuquerque as a lawyer. He writes, " ... as a criminal defense attorney, I am bound to bump into some of my old comrades eventually."

Also doing a weekly guest column for Capitol Reports is Brigette Russell, who ran against Rep. Brian Egolf in the last election. She'll be working as a bill analyst for House Republicans this session.