Monday, January 10, 2011

Bregman vs. Gonzales

Covering a new governor and preparing for the upcoming Legislature, I haven't paid much attention to Sam Bregman's challenge to state Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales.

Below is a video interview Peter St. Cyr did with Bregman last week.

Bregman, Correra, MoldenhauerPeter asked him about what some see as political baggage -- that in recent years he's become best known as the lawyer who has defended Democrats involved in scandals -- former state Treasurer Robert Vigil, former Educational Retirement Board chairman Bruce Mallot, third-party marketer Marc Correra, etc.

(Bregman is the man sitting at the left in this photo. Correra is in the middle. This was at a 2009 meeting of the state Gaming Control Board.)

Bregman calls this criticism "silly, saying "I’m a lawyer doing my job. For someone to be that shortsighted is really silly."

Here's the video

Though I don't believe she's officially announced, as I reported last month, former SOS Mary Herrera ally Letita Montoya also has been campaigning for the state chairman job.

UPDATE 12 noon: I should clarify that neither Correra nor Mallot have been charged with any crimes. Mallot has been named in civil suits, including Frank Foy's whistleblower suit claiming there was political pressure on the ERB to make certain investments.

Corrected: 10-11 - I corrected my reference to the ERB. Got my alphabet soup mixed up.