Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nunez Goes Indie

Rep. Andy Nunez of Hatch made it official this afternoon and switched party registration from Democrat to "Declined to State." He signed the papers in the Secretary of State's office. (Larry Dominguez of the SOS office looks on in the above photo.)

This is all fallout from the failed leadership coup in which Nunez vocally backed a proposed coalition between Republicans and southern Democrats. That cost Nunez his chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee as well as his membership on the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Asked why he did not want to join Republicans, Nunez said, "I'm just not that far right." His wife, however changed her registration from Democrat to Republican last week after Nunez lost his chairmanship.

Nunez becomes the first independent legislator in New Mexico in at least 30 years, but the sixth to change parties since 1983.

"At least I don't have to go to caucus meetings anymore," he joked.

More in tomorrow's New Mexican.