Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reports? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Reports!

Here's my story in today's New Mexican about the fact that after more than a week of big social events for the Legislature, only lobbyist has filed a required 48-hour report.  -- at least as of Wednesday afternoon.

That one law-abiding lobbyist is Roundhouse veteran Tom Horan. He reported two events paid for by his client Presbyterian Healthcare.

When I ran into Tom yesterday and pointed out that he was the only one to file so far, he said, " “I carried the Lobbyist Regulation Act, so I’d better do it.” Horan is a former legislator. His clients include the New Mexico Press Association, so he's well aware how us reporters like to report such things.

My story lists several social events from last week that I assume cost more than the $500. (Expenses more than $500 have to be reported within 48-hours.) But the Capitol social whirl goes on. You can check out upcoming events that you probably aren't invited to at the Legislature's Social Calendar.