Monday, February 16, 2009

Ambushing: It's Bad

I got an unusual news release from the Senate Democratic Caucus about the "deliberations on the domestic partnership bill." I'm not sure who it is directed to or what prompted it.

The release quotes Caucus Chairman David Ulibarri informs us that, "The ability to represent your constituents, as well as your own best conscience, when debate involves controversial and emotional issues requires personal courage as well as fortitude."

Fair enough.

The statement goes on, saying, "it is essential to respect the ability of legislators to gather facts, to weigh the issues, and even to change their mind as the legislative process moves forward and they make their decisions – without personally attacking the legislators involved."


Then it gets good.

"One thing that is also important to remember with this in mind is that as the process moves forward, ‘ambushing’ legislators to get them to express their views on issues like these is more likely to elicit bad sound bites, rather than a true explanation of legislative intent.”

I'm not sure what his definition of "ambushing" is. I do know I haven't ambushed anyone all day.