Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I just ran into actor -- and rumored gubernatorial candidate -- Val Kilmer on the first floor. He said he was in the Capitol just to "visit some friends."

A few minutes after our encounter, Kilmer appeared on the rostrum of the House, where House Speaker Ben Lujan introduced him.

Kilmer, who has portrayed Batman, Jim Morrison, Billy the Kid and "Big" John Holmes in the movies -- would neither confirm nor deny that he's planning on a run for governor. "I don't have anything planned," he said, "I'm just looking to be more active."

Asked about that Associated Press story, which revealed Kilmer had never voted in New Mexico before 2008, Kilmer said, "It's true I haven't voted much, which I regret." Would that hurt him in a political race?

"No, I think we're a forgiving people," he said.