Monday, February 9, 2009


I didn't go to Jay Leno's show at Buffalo Thunder casino Saturday night, but two people told me this little anecdote, one of whom is a fellow reporter.

Apparently the governor attended the show with some staff and Leno recognized him from the stage. Leno made some reference to the CDR investigation -- I still haven't gotten exactly what he said -- and some people in the crowd yelled "Guilty!"

I don't know what, if any, Richardson's reaction to this was. But that's a sign things might be getting ugly.

Leno, by the way, is credited for influencing at least one New Mexico law -- at Richardson's expense. Back in 2006 on The Tonight Show, he made fun of a statement Richardson made about cockfighting.

“In New Mexico, Gov. Bill Richardson — this is unbelievable — Gov. Bill Richardson said he is still undecided about cockfighting, which is not banned in New Mexico. It’s still legal. This is what he said, he said there are arguments on both sides. Really? What is the good argument for cockfighting? Does this keep the roosters off the street?”
This got wide play, and a few months later, shortly before he began his presidential campaign, Richardson ended his neutrality on cockfighting. In 2007, the Legislature, with the governor's support, banned it.