Thursday, February 19, 2009

House Panel Votes Down Voter ID

For those of you not following The New Mexican's Twitter feed , the House Voters & Elections Committee on 7-5 party-line vote, decided this morning to table Rep. Dianne Hamilton's Voter ID Bill (HB591). That's the usual fate for voter ID bills in the Legislature.

I followed the hearing on Rep. Janice Arnold Jones' webcast .

My favorite quote was from former Dona Ana County Clerk Joe Martinez, a Democrat who supported the bill: "New Mexico has a proud history of not disenfranchising our dead at election time."

The two "same-day voter registration" bills that had been on the committee's agenda (HB52 and HB395) were postponed until next week. One of the sponsors, Rep. Jim Trujillo, told me yesterday he expects his bill to be heard by the committee on Tuesday morning.