Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brian Colon Speaks (but not to me)

The chairman of the state Democratic Party never got back to me about my story on the Moving America Forward Foundation -- the Bill Richardson charity that collected $1.7 million but won't release records of who donated and how exactly the money was spent.

But he did talk to Matt Reichbach on the Insight New Mexico radio show (1350 AM, Albuquerque.) You can find that HERE.

Regarding MAFF, Colon told Reichbach, "I'm glad you asked." (I guess he wasn't glad that I was trying to ask or he'd have called me back.)

He told Reichbach that the Moving America Forward Foundation was different than Moving America Forward, Inc., which was a political action committee, and thus did report contributors and expenditures.

And he said MAFF spent money "for the purpose of registering and educating voters all over the country.” But we still don't know exactly where the money went or who gave to MAFF.

Granted, legally a "public charity" is not obligated to disclose contributions or expenses. However, people naturally want to know who is giving money to anything associated with a public official.