Friday, February 26, 2010

Martinez Wins Clovis Straw Poll

Susana Martinez won and recently annointed Republican "front-runner" Pete Domenici, Jr. lost a strraw poll taken at a GOP candidate forum sponsored by the High Plain Patriots, a self-described "group of like minded individuals from all over Eastern New Mexico and West Texas." (I'm not sure if this is an official "Tea Party" group, but it sounds similar.)

Kevin Wilson of the Clovis News Journal has the whole story HERE.

It looks like all five candidates were there.

It's not clear whether Texans in attendance were allowed to vote. 139 people there cast ballots.

Here's the percentage breakdown (provided by the Martinez campaign). I fully expect e-mails from the other campaigns saying that the straws used were faulty:

Susana Martinez — 42.4
Allen Weh — 18.0
Doug Turner — 15.8
Janice Arnold-Jones — 12.2
Pete Domenici Jr. — 11.5