Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tired of Polls Yet?

I know I've posted a lot this week, but here's the Public Policy Polling survey of the New Mexico Congressional races.

Her in District 3, incumbent Democrat Rep. Ben Lujan is leading both his GOP rivals, but he's got low approval numbers -- 31 percent positive and 40 percent negative.

According to the PPP blog:

Despite his negative approval numbers Lujan leads both of his Republican opponents by decent margins. It's 42-36 over Tom Mullins and 40-32 over Adam Kokesh. Lujan's approval is in negative territory because Republicans are much more united against him (71%) than Democrats are in their support for him (47%). Independents also disapprove of him by a 22/42 margin, similar to Obama's 35/54 disapproval in the district.

In the other races, Incumbent Martin Heinrich of Albuquerque has a decent lead over Republican newcomer Jon Barela. But down south former Rep. Steve Pearce, the Republican challenger has a two point lead over incumbent Harry Teague. That's pretty much on track with the internal poll the Pearce campaign released this week.

PPP surveyed 400 voters in each Congressional district from February 18th to 20th. The margin of error on each survey is 4.9 percent. PPP is a Democratic firm and uses an automated polling system.

I like this statement on their blog:

Between the Governor's race and the potential for some close House races, it looks to be another interesting year in New Mexico politics.
Here's the poll:

PPP NM Congressional Poll

UPDATE: Tom Jensen of PPP alerted me that there was a typo on the original version. I've deleted that and uploaded the corrected version here.