Friday, February 5, 2010

More Lobbyist Reports Dribble In

Just a few 48-hour lobbyist reports have come into the Secretary of State's office since I reported on the initial batch last week.

Here's the latest ones available on the SOS Web site this morning:

* The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees spent $6,445 on a reception Jan. 30 at the Inn at Loretto.

* Conservation Voters New Mexico spent $5,017 on a Jan. 27 legislative reception at Rio Chama.

* Timothy Ty Trujillo, lobbyist for New Mexico Association of Community Colleges reported $1,550 for Feb. 3 legislative reception at the Bull Ring.

* The Southwest Women’s Law Center chipped in $200 for Feb. 1 reception for female legislators and women in the state executive and judiciary branches. The event, at a location not disclosed on the report, was co-sponsored by the New Mexico Women’s Agenda, which at this writing hasn't filed a report.

The reports also included some reports of campaign contributions from lobbyists (who happen to be former cabinet secretaries) -- all made last year. These include:

* Deborah Armstrong, lobbyist for Delta Consulting Group and the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool contributed $375 to Diane Denish's gubernatorial campaign and $25 to Appeals Judge Linda Vanzi.

* Michelle Lujan Grisham, who lobbys for the same groups as Armstrong plus the Albuquerque Area Firefighters, contributed $375 to Denish, $25 to Vanzi and $175 to unsuccessful Albuquerque City Council candidate Alan Armijo.