Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gov. Choses Her Two Members of Judicial Nominating Committee

Gov. Susana Martinez has selected former acting U.S. Attorney Greg Fouratt and former state Rep. Justine Fox-Young as her selections to the committee that will nominate possible replacements for Court of Appeals Judge Richard Robles, who resigned after being arrested on a drunk driving charge.

Under the law, the governor gets to choose a lawyer and a non-lawyer t be on the committee. Other members can be found HERE. The panel is scheduled to meet June 29.

Fouratt served as acting U.S. Attorney for the state after David Iglesias was fired by the Bush administration. Martinez's news release notes that he prosecuted the Manny Aragon case that ended with Aragon serving a sentence in federal prison for his role in the Bernalillo County Courthouse kickback scandal.

Fouratt also headed the office during the grand jury investigation of the Richardson's administration's CDR scandal in which a Beverly Hills company made some $1.5 million for handling state transportation bonds following big contributions to Bill Ricahrdson PACs.

When the Justice Department decided not to indict anyone over the alleged pay-to-play bill, Fouratt sent a letter to attorneys involved saying the decision not to prosecute was no vindication because the investigation "revealed that pressure from the Governor's Office resulted in the corruption of the procurement process."

Fox-Young represented an Albuquerque district for two terms until her surprise defeat in 2008. She was the youngest woman ever elected to the Legislature.

She's Martinez's "non-lawyer" appointment to the committee, but she probably won't be a non-lawyer for long. Since leaving the hallowed halls of the Legislature, she's  been studying at the Chicago School of Law.

And Fox-Young will be the only committee member with her own theme song.