Thursday, June 9, 2011

NM Still Likes Gary Johnson

Former Gov. Gary Johnson
Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball lists former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson among the Republican presidential candidates who haven't "broken out." (Rick Santorum and Buddy Roemer also are in that category, Sabato says.)

And he's right. Johnson's poll rankings have been so low that CNN didn't invite him to next week's debate in New Hampshire -- even though Johnson correctly has pointed out that in 1991 a guy named Bill Clinton was polling about the same with Democrats.

But here's some consolation for Johnson. According to a new PPP survey, Johnson is the only GOP candidate with favorable polling in his or her home state.

According to PPP, 44 percent of New Mexicans interviewed have a favorable opinion of Johnson while 32 percent have an unfavorable opinion. That's a 12 percent positive rating. His closest competitor is Newt Gingrich who has an 8 percent negative rating from Georgia voters. The lowest home-state ranking is Michele Bachmann who has a 26 percent negative rating in Minnesota.

Johnson's numbers seem to be based on a poll done in February by PPP, the most recent time they've polled here.

PPP is a Democratic firm, but their results usually are close to those of non-partisan pollsters.

Here's Johnson's video in response to CNN's refusal to include him in the debate, emotional music and all.