Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moe Says No

Just Say "Moe"
State Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas announced this morning that he won't be running for Congress in CD1.

Here's his statement:
After speaking at great length with my family, friends, advisors and constituents I have determined that for the time being the best way I can serve New Mexico is by remaining a voice of reason in the State House of Representatives and continuing to fight for Albuquerque's growing West Side. Therefore, I will not seek my party’s nomination for United States Congress in the First Congressional District.

Contemplating serving New Mexico in our nation’s capital was a truly humbling experience and I greatly appreciate all the support and advice I have received over the past several weeks. The fact that there is an outstanding candidate in the race, Sen. Eric Griego, and other great Democrats preparing to announce their candidacies made this decision easier for me. I commit to work hard for the Democratic nominee, whoever it is, and I am confident that this Congressional seat will be won by a Democrat.