Monday, June 13, 2011

The Legislative Junket Drought

Every few years I take a look at out-of-state-travel records of state legislators and write up what I find. My latest one, looking at the calendar year 2010, is HERE.

This time I didn't find any outrageous junkets that'll be grist for political attack ads. In fact, it looks like lawmakers have cut their out-of-state travel by more than 50 percent, compared with 2008, the last time I went through the travel vouchers.

An old friend called me this afternoon to talk about the story. He asked whether there was any kind of requirements for legislators who go to out-of-state conferences and workshops to have to file a report to share information they learned with others in state government. The answer is no, there is not. I'm sure many legislators informally share such information. But that might not be a bad idea to somehow formalize such information sharing.

Let me know what you think.