Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Redistricting is On!

Yes, the legislative committee studying ways to change political boundaries to keep with population shifts in the state met for the first time yesterday.

Another reporter and I were joking about starting a law firm to sue over whatever new maps are drawn. As reported in today's New Mexican, after the 2001 redistricting session, lawyers representing plaintiffs were awarded millions in legal fees.

My story on redistricting is HERE. (Those of you who already have read the paper version, I made a mistake in a couple of figures for Santa Fe Senate districts. They've been corrected in the online version.)

I purposely didn't go into very many details on some of the proposed plans. They're going to change a bunch of times between now and the special session. But if you're dying to see  the maps for new Congressional districts that have been drawn up for discussion sake by the Research & Polling company, you can find those HERE.

And for more redistricting info, go HERE.