Thursday, July 21, 2011

AG Appeals IPRA Damages

Attorney General Gary King has appealed a judge’s ruling that he must pay $100 for each day since Jan. 14 that his office has failed to comply with a public-information request by a lawyer representing three of AG staff attorneys in a federal suit against King.

In a notice filed Thursday in the state Court of Appeals, King’s lawyer said he’s appealing last week’s order by state District Judge Beatrice Brickhouse. Brickhouse ruled that King’s office had violated the state Inspections of Public Records Act by not honoring lawyer Dan Faber’s request last year for information about salaries of Attorney General staff lawyers.

The damages total about $20,000 as of Monday.

King’s lawyer has asked that the order be “stayed” until the appeal is decided. That means the total sum would not increase each day the case is in appeals.

Faber represents three female AG lawyers who are paid less money than male employees. That case is pending in federal court.

I'm still awaiting comment from the AG's office.