Thursday, July 28, 2011

Judge Tosses Conflict Claim Against AG

This just in from the Attorney General's Office: District Judge Stephen Pfeffer has ruled that allegations of conflict on the part of AG Gary King in the Vanderbilt Capital pay-to-play case can't be raised by attorney Victor Marshall because his client, Frank Foy, does not have legal standing.

Pfeffer's ruling said: "The AG’s duty of representation would run to the State Investment Council (“SIC”), the entity represented by the AG in the litigation pursued by the AG in other courts and, therefore, any alleged conflict of interest would be for the SIC to raise in the context of that litigation."

Pfeffer also ruled that King and others at the SIC did not have to give depositions.

King commented, "Judge Pfeffer's ruling is a huge step forward in clearing the air of Mr. Marshall's self-serving and spurious allegations of conflict. I believe the motion to disqualify my office has always been about preserving Mr. Marshall's legal fees at the expense of the best interests of the state."

I've asked Marshall if he wants to comment. I'll post that when it comes in. (Update: Marshall declined comment.)

Trip Jennings wrote about a legislative hearing about this issue that took place yesterday. You can read that HERE.