Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moore Heading Guv's DC Office

One of Gov. Susana Martinez's deputy chiefs of staff is heading to Washington, D.C. to head the governor's branch office in the nation's capitol.

Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell confirmed that in an e-mail. Moore's transfer was first reported by blogger Joe Monahan,

Moore, a former legislator from Clayton, "will work regularly with the staffs of our congressional delegation, as well as federal agencies when necessary and the National Governors Association," Darnell said. "His office will ensure communication and coordination on the many issues that affect New Mexicans that have federal and state components."

Darnell said Moore's move was permanent, not a temporary position. Of course, in reality, no political job is permanent.

Meanwhile, Martinez quietly let a D.C. lobbying firm's contract expire with no intention of finding a replacement.

"The previous administration had not only a staff member in Washington, but also a lobbying firm on contract that was paid $10,000 per month by the administration," Darnell said.  "We have done away with the previous practice of hiring a lobbying firm and will simply utilize one staff member," he said, referring to Moore.

My story in today's New Mexican is HERE

UPDATE: 8:28 am: I just corrected an unintentionally funny typo. In the original version of this post it said, " ... no political jon is safe." I must have been thinking of Sens. Ensign and Vitter and Professor Chris Garcia. The correct word is "job."