Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Susana Poll Numbers Looking Good

In the most recent numbers released by PPP, Gov. Susana Martinez is enjoying a 52 percent approval rate, with 37 percent of those polled disapproving.

Gov. Susana MartinezIn the PPP blog, poll honcho Tom Jensen says, "Most of the Republicans elected Governor in Obama states last November have quickly become very unpopular. Not so in the case of New Mexico's Susana Martinez ... A female Hispanic Governor who's maintaining her popularity as she governs a blue state? Martinez would be at the top of my VP list for next year if I was a Republican strategist."

Of course, Jensen is not a GOP strategist. PPP is a Democratic polling firm.

The latest poll finds that Martinez would beat Democrat Diane Denish in a rematch 53 percent to 44 percent. About a third of the Democrats polled approved of Martinez's first six months as governor as did a plurality of Hispanics.

The poll also asked about same-sex marriage.

When asked whether same-sex marriage should be legal 42 percent said yes and 48 percent said no. "Respondents under 65 narrowly support it but are outweighed by 58/30 opposition among senior citizens," Jensen said.

However, when respondents are given the option of "civil unions" the numbers get interesting. 37 percent chose same-sex marriage as the best option, 31 percent chose "civil unions" while only 30 percent agreed that "there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple's relationship."

Other poll findings:

* Outgoing Sen. Jeff Bingaman's approval rating is 59 percent (29 percent disapprove) while Sen. Tom Udall has a 48 percent approval (31 percent disapprove). U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan's figures are 30 percent approval, 34 percent approval, but those numbers are statewide, not just CD3, which Lujan represents.

* Former Gov. Bill Richardson's still are low -- 27 percent favorable, 63 percent unfavorable.

PPP surveyed 732 New Mexico voters from June 23 to 26. The margin of error is 3.6 percent.

PPP Release NM 705