Friday, July 15, 2011

Johnson Campaign: $6,006 Cash on Hand

It's safe to say that former Gov. Gary Johnson is running a low budget campaign.

According to his campaign finance report filed this week, Johnson between the first of April and last of June  raised $180,236.80 and spent $174,230.25, leaving him $6006.55 in the bank.

To put things in persepective, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney reportedly raised about 20 million in the last quarter while Michele Bachman, who is leading in Iowa polls, raised about $4 million in the past three months.

And incumbent Democrat Barrack Obama's campaign raised $86 million last quarter, though about $38 million of that is for next year's Democratic National Convention.

At least Johnson is doing better than former Republican House Speaker New Gingritch. His campaign is more than a million dollars in debt.